Kannon-iwa Rock [Nishinoshimacho]

Prayers for maritime safety spanning thousands of years

This rock formation is called "Kannon-iwa Rock," because it resembles the bodhisattva Kannon. However, when seen from the hill at sunset, it looks like a lit candle, so it is also called "Rosoku-iwa" (Candle Rock). Even among the strange rock formations of the Kuniga Coast, this place stands out for its mystical atmosphere.

  • 携帯電波弱
  • トイレ
  • 滑落注意
  • 転落注意

Access information

  • 駐車場あり

20 min. by car from Beppu Port + 5 min. walk
Free of Charge
Open all year round
Urago, Nishinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture

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