Sasaki-ke Traditional Residence [Okinoshimacho]

The ancient residence that tells of island life

It has been designated as an important national cultural property for its wooden architechture representative of Oki. Called Oki-zukuri, this architectural style is unique to Oki, with its most striking feature being the three entrances separated by different status and use. If you make a reservation, you can enjoy local country cuising made by locals on the premises, making for a relaxing time.

  • 携帯電波強
  • トイレ

Access information

  • 駐車場あり

15 min. by car from Saigo Port
Fee Adults:¥400, Elementary/ Middle School: ¥200
Open all year round
Kasutani 17, Kama, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture

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