Kumi Coast [Okinoshimacho]

Where you can find obsidian and a variety of plants

The white rocks and lava patterns make of this beautiful coast not only make for an idyllic landscape, but you can also see a mysterious environment in which species endemic to Oki, such as Oki Chrysanthemums and Oki Thistle, mix with continental species such as the southern rhaphiolepis umbellata, as well as plant species surviving since the ice age such as white horse chives. In addition, you can find the obsidian that marked the beginning of Oki's history along the coast.

  • 自然
  • 携帯電波強
  • 落石注意
  • 滑落注意
  • 転落注意

Access information

  • 駐車場あり

40 min. by car from Saigo Port
Free of Charge
Open all year round
Kumi, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture

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