Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar and Wind Holes [Okinoshimacho]

A mysterious and awe-inspiring place

The very shape of this sacred tree at Iwakura Shrine inspires a feeling of dignity. The tree branches out from 4 to 8 meters off the ground, and the 24 drooping breast-like portions of the branch are what gave this tree its name, Chichi-sugi (chichi means "breast"). A cold draught blows forth from the wind holes at the foot of the gate, often creating a mysterious, misty atmosphere.

  • 自然

Access information

  • 自動車

"60 min. by car from Saigō Port
Free of Charge
Open all year round
No parking
Iwakura, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture"

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