Kabura-sugi [Okinoshimacho]

The three 600 year old giant cedar trees of Oki

Said to be 600 years old, the Kabura-sugi branches out about 1.5 meters off the ground into 6 sections. This tree, representative of the cedars near the Sea of Japan (Ura-sugi, Ashu-sugi) has different theories as to its naming, such as that it looks like a turnip (kabu) or that it comes from the local accent's pronunciation of "Nakamura no Kamuro-sugi".

  • 自然
  • 携帯電波強
  • 滑落注意

Access information

20 min. by car from Saigo Port
Free of Charge
Open all year round
No parking
Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture

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