Noritabana Coast Columnar Joints [Okinoshimacho]

A natural work of art from which legends are born

At the tip of the coast there are rock formations called Kabuto-iwa (Helmet Rock) and Yoroi-iwa (Armor Rock); they were given this name because lava that spewed forth from the Earth formed into a shape resembling a samurai's armor and helmet. According to legend, it is the petrified armor of a fallen soldier. Also, this place is a designated Natural Monument and a place of scenic beauty. Along the promenade you can see a variety of plants, including northern and southern ones.

  • 地形
  • 展望台
  • 携帯電波強
  • 落石注意
  • 滑落注意
  • 転落注意

Access information

  • 駐車場あり
  • 自動車

"30 min. by car from Saigō Port
Free of Charge
Open all year round
Nakamura, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane Prefecture"

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